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March 18, 2004



For what reasons are those 'thousands of Chinese and Koreans' denied of naturalization in Japan? Your comment seems to me implying discrimination. My understanding is that most Korean residents in Japan don’t want naturalization by choice. In fact, there is the simplified provision in Japanese Immigration Law that allows those Korean residents to obtain citizenship without any difficulties if they want to. Although even Canada is known as the country of immigrants, it is not as easy to do so as in Japan.


Thought provoking piece. In particular, this leads to questions about what it really means to be Japanese, or American. Thanks.


Good article, but what about gaijin who nationalize? For example, an ex-brazilian named alex santos. He plays in the Japan soccer league which has rules as to how many foreigners can play on on team, thus becoming japanese is an advantage for him. Since he has a "skill" to offer japan, his application was cleared quickly, compared to the thousands of resident chinese and koreans who are consistantly denied, and he is now known as 三都主 (san-to-su).

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